Friday, October 14, 2011

Perfect Stranger-3

There was a concern in her eyes, for sure. But I had seriously taken the 'she blowing air onto my wound' a bit too far! But I realized that someone definitely blew air over the burnt spot. The realization was such a shock that it literally left me dumbstruck and paralyzed my sense.
It was the HAWKER!!!
I took a moment to realize that my hand was in his and he was cajoling it.
Such event would never even be cast upon a look had it taken place between a guy and a girl or a girl and a girl.
But a guy and a guy?!!! NIGHTMARE. I was the cynosure of all eyes. Most eyes carried confusion or indifference, but a certain pair of eyes showed celebration.. I will leave it for you to guess, to whom those eyes belonged.
I swiftly pulled away my arms from the (loving)grip of the hawker. Mumbled. Grumbled. Sent him away and then grumbled some more.
All this while the madam was smiling. Excuse me?? Do you find the event so entertaining??
"So. You okay?"
"Are you sure?" With a wink.

I seriously don't understand the problem with most of the girls. When a guy winks at a girl, hell breaks loose and questions are raised about his upbringing. And when a girl does that why doesn't anyone say anything??!
And a boy is almost every time confused about what could be going through a girl's mind. When she explodes another bomb(read wink). What the hell is that supposed to mean?? How should we take it?
I replied the only way I knew, which wouldn't display the psychological battle raging within you.
With a smile. (minus the wink!)
"Yes. I 'm fine."
" So. Tell me. For whom did you write those sentences?"
Now we are talking!
"Just like that. Casually." What the hell did I do that for?!
God. The way she said that word. Only then had I realized that how beautiful even a 'Uhuh' could sound.
I turned around. And I found myself looking into very very very angry pair of eyes. Our Hero's.
( The protector of womankind of the country. The saviour!!)
Then I felt how disgusting can the same words sound when spoken by some.
I had completely forgotten that I was threatened into submission by that guy few minutes ago!!
I smiled sheepishly and started seeing at every other place apart from her face. I admit that I was not intimidated by him at all. But as a co-passenger, it was my duty to see to it that he doesn't undergo a confidence breaking phase due to me. And he had already into the character of a hero, so someone had to be the villian according to him right?!
He was very satisfied by my realization. You should have seen his expression. As if he had taught his pet dog a new instruction to follow.
"What happened? Why you acting so weird so suddenly?" She asked, puzzled.
I had opened a newspaper to cut his view and spoke in a whisper to her.
"I can't say that now. If you don't mind can we talk somewhere else? In other compartment? I will explain everything there."
" Why should I come?" She said with the usual air that only a girl can possess.
Here was my chance to blackmail.
"You read my diary without my permission. You owe me for that."
"Ok. But where?"
I smiled at my ingenuity and new born intelligence!!
"Two coaches away. Don't Just leave now. Meet me there after a couple minutes."
I said in a very military precision type voice.
 I got up and was followed by those prying eyes of Mr. Saviour Swamy. I raised my little finger to indicate what was on my mind. Even a stone heart would understand such feelings! He gave a short nod as if he is providing me a new lease of life by giving that nod.
I thanked him profusely folding my both hands and headed towards the other coach.
After a few minutes, she arrived. For some reason the attendant had opened the door of the coach.
It blew her hair onto her face. And she, so gracefully pulled them back behind her ear.
Ghosh. It was as if every element in the nature was so determined to make her look beautiful.
It again had brought alive the poet in me..

For so long I had been tied back.
For so long have I been ignored.
Allow me to blow across your face.
Only to be touched upon and feel graced...

"WOW!! You are just amazing!"
My imagination is so strong that I can even hear people's voice in it. Yeah. Cool isn't it?
"Oye! open your eyes Mr. Poet!"
Excuse me? Why those words not seem to be from my imagination?
I had opened my eyes to see her clasp her hands over her mouth and her eyes wide with excitement.
Had I just blurt those words for heaven's sake?!!!
" You are so amazing!"
"What? What are you saying?" I asked with nervousness.
"You just sort of went into a trance and smiled and said those words dude!!!"
YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!! This is not happening. NO NO NO.
Whatever the hell happened to my self control. I was seriously beginning to feel as if a control less freak!
I had never felt so helpless and also elated at the same time before. May be because I had never met such a girl before..
"Sorry. I was out of mind. Didn't know what I was doing. Please forgive me?"
"Forgive me my FOOT!!"
"Excuse me?"
"You are making me fall head over heels by your words. You are impressive."
"Trust me, I was not trying to impress you. I swear. It's just happening without my understanding!!."
"It's Okay. You need not provide any explanations."
I had a hand tap on my shoulder again. Not again! Not now PLEASE?!!
"What the hell...?" My speech broke, I lost my sense of speaking. My mouth was moving but no words were coming out. As if someone had pressed a mute button.
"Arey beta. Kaise ho? Yaha kya kar rhe ho? Delhi ja rahe ho? Ghar me sab badhiya hain?"
That was my teacher from one of the schools I had studied. If I loathed any person in my entire life, it was him. Standing in front of me with an extra wide grin and the same cunningness in his eye. And with him there..Mr. Saviour Swamy was the least of my worries...


  1. LOL!! If one journey to Delhi could spark this entertaining a story.. you should come to Delhi more often :P

    P.S: Being the odd weirdo that I am, the tense is a lil confused in some places. Would make the read more smooth without that.

  2. @didi- Even I was thinking the same ;)
    And regarding the tense, I realized that a bit bad!