Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Perfect Stranger-The story chugs along...

Was this some dream?! How come every bit of my wishes was coming true?? There has to be some catch dude. Thing’s just can’t go so lovey-dovey for so long! But who cares?! Today, I might be the destiny’s child! Fingers crossed..
“That’s a classic. You believe in love stories?”
As soon as those words left my mouth I swear I was kicking myself very hard. She gave me such an expression that closely bordered ‘ who the f&^@# you think you are and how typical boy are you; over smart and cheap’.
She was about to say something when I cut her short.
“You need not answer that at all. That was so silly of me to have asked such question. Hehe hehe.” Blurted out the overcautious and guilt filled me with a sheepish laugh. I didn’t want to get insulted in front of everyone!!
She just shrugged her shoulders and went back to reading her novel. ‘There goes my chance of having an interesting encounter.’ I plucked out my diary from my bag, a pen and my Sennheiser headphone. Hooked it onto iPod and started scribbling. And the moment a song started playing, I felt like my heart and the iPod were syncing as the song thudded softly in my ears reching all the way to my heart…

Mann yeh sahib ji
Jane hai sab ji
Phir bhi banaye bahane
Naina nawabi ji
Dekhe hai sab ji
Phir bhi na samjhe ishare
Mann yeh sahib ji
Haan karta bahane
Naina nawabi ji
Na samjhe ishare
Samjhe ishare
Dheere dheere..

Sang my favourite singer and I couldn't help myself from looking over to her side. Bollywood songs are becoming so meaningful and pure these days..!
Only then had I realized that I was looking at the one of the god's best ever creation. I understood the beauty of feminity! Those mascara lined eyes with a strand of hair hovering in front of them. As if fighting to get the attention of those beautiful eyes. And with a book, trying to protect those eyes from constant stares of others.( Read 'me'!) The song was written for the occasion I felt, seemed like the lyricist himself might have been in my current position which inspired such beautiful lines!
It was so magical...Thanks to the Indian Railways for providing those perfect seats! 
The side berths.
As it happens usually with me when I see or feel something very beautiful and mersmerizing, my hands started working up something. I had entered sub-conscious state.
Never had it felt so pure,
ever did it happen before.
Never wanted to look away,
from the eyes that could inspire a folklore...

I saw those eyes staring back at me. I was at peace with myself..Those eyes. Staring. The intensity in those eyes..filled with romance? Ermm.. confusion? Can't be. Those eyes staring..STARING!! With ANGER n DISGUST!!!!
HOLY $H!T!!! She's staring at me! How long had I been staring at her?! 
Or how long has she been observing this?!!! no no no no..this is not happening to me..and I had realized that the song too had changed!!
Bhaag bhaag dk bose dk bose... yeah my heart and my iPod were truly in sync...
I couldn't afford to stay there anymore if I wanted to reach Delhi alive! I threw my diary on the seat and my headphone and bolted towards the wash basin. It is generally my place ofwhoosaah(remember the chief from the movie Bad Boys?!)
I looked myself in the mirror and observed that I was sweating as if I had a nightmare! Whoa..I didn't expect from myself to react in such a way! 
As I was washing my face with the cool soothing water.. A hand tapped me on my shoulder. I jumped with surprise thinking that my nightmare had followed me to the wash basin, my place of whoosaah. But it was a young man, my other co passenger? He was the dude. Thin lanky frame with a shirt 3 sizes over him, long hair pasted to each other with some glue(oil) which smelled of jasmine!!!( I recalled later, it was parachute jasmine ROFL!!) and square shaped glasses. No sooner I placed him to be a south Indian, he came closer to me and whispered in a threatening tone..
"Dude. I was looking at the way you were looking at that girl. You pervert." He said in a typical South Indian accent.
"EXCUSE ME!!". Who are you? Her bhrata shree?"
"Her cousin?"
"Her uncle?!!"
"Her neighbour?"
"Bodyguard?!!What are you to her?"
"No. I am an Indian man who cares for other women's safety and self respect. It was I who told her the way you were looking at her. "
YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN' ME DUDE!!!! What the hell are you?!! 
A super hero?! Waiting to tear apart his clothes to flash that red underwear over blue leggings?!!!! And he didn't stop at that..
"If you look at her EVER (brandishing his index finger as if the sword of Tipu Sultan) EVER till Delhi, I am going to thrrow you aaut of the window. You get me?
Waatt? Waatt are you looking at?"  
"Dude you cant throw me out of the window, windows don't open in AC compartments do they?"
"You feel that I am joking? Look at my face. YOU THINK I AM JOKING?!!"
Yeah dude. Typical problem of most of the males of our country. They feel as if they were God sent to protect the female race...
"Ok sir, I won't look at the girl from now on. Mother promise!"( Having stayed in South India for most part of my life I learnt, that phrase was the most respected one there!)
I was shocked at his confidence, rather than anything. I mean I was much more healthier and had athletic built than him. Wondered what the love for respect of girls makes a man to do. 
Still reeling from that shock, I went back to my seat to find Sameera reading a diary. Thank God. She didn't look at me..Wait wait wait. A diary?!! A DIARY!!?!!
MY DIARY?!!!! I am so DEAD now!! Was this the beginning of the end before the beginning?!
She realized my presence. Lifted her head up. There was a slight hint of smile playing at the corner of her glossy lips and a major twinkle in her eye. She suddenly went red!! Was it a rash?! Were my writings so bad that created a rash?!! 
Before my mind could think of anything else..
"You are a fantastic writer. I loved those few lines which you had written, about me??"
COME AGAIN?!So was she blushing?!!!
 A hawker who was selling tea in the compartment was walking by my side. I nudged that hot steel tin with my hand to check it if I was dreaming.
"AAARRGGHHHH!!!" No. I was definitely not!
"What happened?!!"
"Nothing!! It was the hot can." I said half in trance, and a lot in pain! looking at my reddened hand which was in her hand as she was blowing cool air from her lovely lips onto the wound. There was a little concern in her mascara lined eyes..
And I wondered if it was the beginning of a new beginning ;)
To be continued...


  1. ahh! much better....i can almost hear sherlock in my head saying, and the plot thickens My dear Watson! :P
    Loved the dorky guy!

  2. going great dude!! Awesome writing...'Typical problem of most of the males of our country. They feel as if they were God sent to protect the female race'... INDEED! :)
    Loved the "loved those few lines which you had written, about me??" made me go, Whoa! :D ......cant wait for the next one....hurry :P

  3. @ The Quirky Engineer- I'm glad that you liked it! yeah, n kinda knew you would like the dorky guy ;) but I hope you liked the humour content in it..thanks for the direction!

  4. @Sandytk- Only a guy can understand another guy's problem! Am i right?! Thanks for the n'couraging comments..your comments are my litmus test! Next one coming soon! cheers..

  5. train bound love story? Where are they headed?? You sure are putting a new spin on 'Its the journey that counts..' :P