Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A night to remember...

Today was the farewell of one of my greatest friend..Naturally, I wanted to give her something good. Something which was true, special and great too! no compromises on that!! So had made her a collage of all the places she would miss in mumbai along with a few sentences I had penned down. Fortunately she loved what she got n SURPRISINGLY she too gave me a gift, an asskicking tee ;)
We had gone out for dinner at Aromas in Hiranandani, powai..a fantastic place!! n then we started chatting up. We wouldn't be talking face to face for some considerable time.
After sometime we began observing the people around who were in the restaurant..then the actual fun of the  night began. We saw a girl who had been waiting for someone since a LONG time, we started guessing, who could be she waiting for? I had a bet on her guy who bunked the date. And she said-"No way,she might be waiting for her lady friend, ladki ek ladke keliye itni wait nahi karti kabhi, seedha usko bol deti ki I was waiting for u since ages, now go to hell!" As expected she was right, a girl turned up after sometime. and I was wondering, when was the last time I was right about a girl, even a wee bit????!
Then another good friend of ours had joined us and the fun raised many notches! We were sitting inside and there were tables outside the restaurant too..the seating was such that, there was only a glass separating the ones sitting inside and out, n it feels like you are sitting next to them..enter..the central characters of our fun- a couple..a girl in black and a balding, bespectacled, skin n bone guy..my friend was at her wicked best today!! she went all sharmili type and suddenly asked us to click a picture of her,as if she was on date with that guy!(remember, only a glass separated both of em?)
And then, the couple were holding hands and we started mocking them , n they didn't even get a slightest hint on what we were talking about them(i hope so!)..the girl started adjusting the guy's hair,or of whatever was left of it! n we came to a conclusion that the reason of his baldness could be the girl pulling em out in the name of styling them :D
Then came the turn to check out my gift-the tee, one of my friends told me to go n change into it which came as a whacky surprise to me! fortunately other came to my rescue saying that chicks do that, boys don't!! Thank you so much for saving me yaar!!!
So instead, we just spread the tee on ourselves which made us look like scarecrows!! 
It was an amazing evening today... the wickedness flowed today so spontaneously today. It was one of my best times spent ever..and i owe it to the 2 gals who made my evening..if you are reading this..I would like to relive those moments..again n again n again..

P.S: one more reason for us having such a great day was the video spoof of Shraddha (remember the videos of a girl with sweet voice and some "my style" songs  that are doing rounds on youtube?) Please do check it out!!


  1. Wow..was just reading this blog..and was amazed to see how much I miss Mumbai even though its been what ..7 days..??
    Shraddha ke shradhalu was a definite hit! But so was the Aromas girl in Black..Wait till I share the photos of that nite..on FB !

  2. Yeah.just realized that it's been a week already! Sometimes it feels so yesterday, and sometimes a month!..was gonna ask you about sending those photos..load em up fast!!
    n btw, now as you have logged it, why don't you too start a blog? you have the language, wit and the humour ;)