Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Perfect Stranger

"Yeah mom, I will take care of myself.Ok? Will call you once I reach there. Bye!".
Finally I was on my way to Delhi. For a well deserved break from exams, studies and monotonous life.
Was wondering when a 60 something person came and sat in front of me. There goes my another chance of an interesting journey..I sighed to myself. Then sometime later another young man joined us.
But all my previous attempts at having an adventurous journey were nightmarish, so why should it be different now?? But at least I was in Rajdhani. So no drunkard could come on board( I had a drunkard for a co passenger for an entire 2 day train trip previously).
The departure time was fast approaching. Thank God. Atleast I could now think of what all I should do in Delhi. Just then I heard a sweet voice." Excuse me please may I know where's this seat?"
Where's this seat??! Are you kidding me? This isn't a ship!!! But still wanted to have a look at her.( She was the only female passenger in the entire compartment. Wait a minute. Was she Sameera? (Before you Sherlock Holmes clones rake up your brains, I had checked the passenger list. We all do it right?!) And wait another minute! her name was somewhere close to mine on the list!
Yes. She was indeed on the opposite berth.! She came. Adjusted her luggage. Sat down. Pulled down her glasses resting on her head. And settled down with a novel.
I re-checked at my expression. Was I gawking at her? Drooling?? Nope.
What prompted this reaction from her? But man she was a beauty.
5'4'' something. Dark brown hair, step cut. No make up(thumbs up!!) but a thin line of mascara which made her eyes more beautiful. Maroon coloured glass frame and glossy lips. Wow.
Then I started praying. Real hard. "Dear God. Thank you so much for getting this damsel in same compartment. But please do something that would make her talk to me first! PLEASE!!!
Then I heard the barks of a dog inside the compartment. German Shepherd. The sniffer!! I opened my eyes just in time to see some fear in those mascara lined eyes. When the dog came to our seats, she jumped onto the seat next to me and tightly grabbed my hand..THANK YOU GOD!! I NEVER THOUGHT THAT MY PRAYERS WOULD BE ANSWERED SO SOON!! and thanks to my trainer that he made me do those extra body pumping sessions the entire week.!
"Excuse me? The dogs are gone. Now you can relax." I prayed that I don't say those words. But I blurted out before I could know...Then one of the most amazing moments of my life came to an abrupt end..
" I am sorry. I am dead scared of dogs. I didn't know what I was doing. I just..."
"It's okay. I understand. Its natural."
"Thanks. By the way I am Sameera."
" I kn(ow)...ahem ahem. I am Akash."
"Nice meeting you."
" So you not scared of dogs?"
"Not at all. I have a dog back at home. So I know how to handle them. In fact I just love dogs."
Wow. What a topic to strike a conversation.
" Oh! lovely. So going to Delhi I suppose?"
"Yeah going to meet my cousin there. She stays in Gurgaon."
"That's where I stay!"
GOD! Didi please don't come to pick me up at the station!! Though I love you a lot!!
I got my first real six string bought it at five and dime...
" Excuse me. Hello? Didi! kaise ho? Yeah I am in the train. WHAT?!! kya hua? oh..but I don't know how to reach that place. Okay. I understand. SMS me your address. Will manage it somehow. Ok. Love you didi. Bye."
" Any problem?" she asked genuinely.
"My cousin won't be able to pick me up tomorrow at the station."
Ok? That's it?! What happened to the good old sahanubhuti? Wait. I just met this gal. Why should I expect her to help me?
"What was the book you were reading?" I asked the girl, seeing a familiar book in her hand.
"Erich Segal. Love Story."
Was this the journey I always dreamt of ?
To be continued...


  1. a lil imagination mixed with a dash of which is which remains to be seen :P

    Bring up more stories

  2. You would be surprised,but there's no reality in there! yeah except the delhi and the rajdhani part ;)

  3. I definitely wanna read some more.....and i do hope the humor doesn't dwindle as the story progresses! An interesting read nonetheless....

  4. @Quirky Engineer- Thanks so much for the sweet comments..humour definitely not gonna go down!