Sunday, August 7, 2011

Me and my my friends

I know I had written in my previous note that this time I won't be writing any poem.For that, the writer part of me kicked the real me so very hard, that I had to eat my words... This poem is for each and every friend of mine who has made a hell of a difference in my life..I owe my life to u guys..Love you forever...Indore janta esp for u guys, some of my juniors, some of em from chennai and also my Engg buds.

I was not a person  I am now.
I was alive, but only just..
I was breathing, because I must.
Fun wasn't a part of me,
nor was it around.
I was an introvert,
I rarely made a sound.
But things did change
As I met some lovely people
Who helped me out
And made my life beautiful.
I started to feel alive
I rediscovered myself.
They changed things around,
Pulled me out of my doubting self.
They breathed confidence into me
That I had rarely felt.
I started to love myself,
I learnt how things were to be dealt.
There have been highs and lows,
But they never let me feel alone.
If I had made any mistakes
I am ready to atone.
I swore to stand by them
Whenever they need me.
If I have their trust,
What I can do, the world will see.
I have never been out of touch
I never would be.
If you wanted the reason,
I had written this for you to see.
I have never asked for anything.
I never will.
I would just pour it out
From the tip of my quill.
It pains, I rarely get to see you
I wait for someone to say
"I miss you too.."
You guys make me live,
You make me smile..
You mean the world to me
Don't forget me after a while...