Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Horseshoe Garage-Review

First reactions first. When the book arrived, looking at its size I said to myself-This should be fun! Because, having read her previous novel I already knew that Hitesha is an awesome writer.
Coming to the Horseshoe Garage, the cover page will set your expectations really high with its overall feel.

I was also excited to read the book which, obviously talks about a story revolving around cars, races etc. but,written by a lady. I know I would come across as a sexist, when I say that women and automobiles/tech stuff  is one pairing which the world has never/rarely seen. But the techy stuff Hitesha rolls out page after page just... made me eat my words.
The story is absolutely gripping. The combination of girls and cars, friendship, competition, drama, love is very well balanced. Just the right amount of everything. I specially loved the way each character was portrayed. They sort of come alive when you read the novel and you get a feeling that you are somewhere in the garage when the car is being made or in Sav's home when they are conceiving the designs. Such is the detailing.
Naaz is definitely the character who carries the entire book on her shoulders. You would be mad not loving her! She is every bit of the girl of your dreams. But the character which I liked was of Sav. A confident and not so confident guy, passionate about his dream, a silent lover, and the one who moves out from playing a second fiddle to becoming a winner( of both-the race as well as Naaz!).
The book will keep your eyes glued to it, till you finish it. An amazing roller coaster of a story which makes you laugh, smile, squeal and curse as well! At the end of it you will feel a solid urge of reading more, but then the ending is just perfect. Leaving the readers gasping for more.
Its a bold risk taken by the author to write about something which was never tried by any Indian author before. And she nailed it! Definitely much better than the usual run-of-the-mill love stories usually written by those who don't even know how to write.
Now coming to the important question-Should this book make way to your books collection?
You seriously asking me that question after ALL that I've written? Seriously??

Rating- 7.5
Happy Reading!!

P.S: If now you come across ladies talking about turbines, mass-speed ratio, chassis etc you would know now which book they have been reading ;)