Friday, October 28, 2011

PS-7 Operation AKS

Finally it was Diwali.I was waiting for it for many reasons. The day progressed very quickly to my surprise and the moment of reckoning had arrived finally. Two of my best friends and I went to AKS's house. To greet him of course ;)
I had taken along my best friends for two reasons-
1. They were my best friends, so would help me out with anything without asking a question.
2. They too were bullied by AKS many times. (No. Their parents were not teachers or something!)

We reached the building where he stayed. Everything was ready. The crackers, the extra long wick of the crackers which was my friends' idea and the escape route. So that we don't get caught if something doesn't work. 

As planned, one of us will go to ring his doorbell. Once he is sure that AKS is on his way to open the door, we would light the wick and then enjoy the fireworks.
(AKS was alone in his house that day, we made sure that he was before executing the operation AKS. Decent fellas we were)
Doorbell rung and my friend came down jumping the whole length of the staircase!
We lit the wick and off we went into the bushes and watched from a safe distance.
Then began the bursting of crackers. It was wicked fun!! We could hear him yelling. The crackers were just awesome. It felt as if the frustration of the entire student community had for him was powering those crackers to perform better! 
We hi 5ed each other and  proceeded to continue our Diwali celebrations. Though I felt a bit sorry later, but then we were at same level now. 
After that incident, he never messed with us. Though I could feel that he was planning something big for us. And my worst nightmares came true after our final examination results were out.
I had scored excellent marks in every subject. But my Hindi marks read-36
JUST PASS, later I came to know that, since I had scored heavily in other subjects, they couldn't fail me.
Otherwise God knows what could have happened. 
But I would not get any chance to get back at him. My father got transferred to another city and we had to move out. I would miss all of my friends, the wonderful time I had with them and alos that one chance...
But I knew that the nature was a great leveler. And I would bide my time till I am presented with an opportunity.

To the present...
"Wow! You both go back a long way. And you think that this is your opportunity to get back to him?"Exclaimed Sameera.
"Let be na. It's been ages since those things happened. I don't think he would remember them now."
"Are you crazy? I know him better. And didn't you observe the cunningness in his voice when he was talking with me?"
"No. But I don't think you should do anything to hurt him."
"Who's saying anything of hurting him?"
"You wouldn't?"
"Why would I?"
"Ok. But I will be with you to make sure you wouldn't do anything stupid."
"Sure. But only on one condition."
"What?" I just loved the way she said that. Her eyes full of enthusiasm, yet her body language feigning nonchalance.
"Can I call this our first date?"
Her eyes became wide with shock. She didn't see that coming. Obviously! The only way that works with a girl is 'Shock and awe'. Saying no would mean that she would miss the action for sure. 
Then her lips curved into a lovely smile and the twinkle in her eyes was back.
"Ok. I am not taking you then. It's either a yes or a no. No whatever or ok." I said.
"But what kind of date would this be? I was hoping of a much elaborate one." She said sheepishly.
"What did you just say? You were HOPING of an elaborate date??".
I couldn't believe my ears. She wanted to go on a date with me!!
I had to thank AKS for this ;)

To be continued...


  1. Aimed an AK-47 right at AK-Singh,eh.... Paced the story back up..., AND :D .....jaldi kar aage! :)

  2. Nice 1 Bro i liked It..As Specially Diwali prank :) :D

  3. Thanks dude! i didn't know that u were reading my blogs! more to come ;)

  4. Was busy a bit. Next episode coming up soon!