Sunday, October 23, 2011

Perfect Stranger(PS)-4. AKS

Meet Mr. A.K. Singh. The teacher I hated the most during my school days. Not only me. Others hated him too. So you might think that it is normal to hate a teacher right? I mean everyone hates ATLEAST one teacher at some point of his/her student life. No one is a saint! But with me. Things are always extravagant. Liking and hatred. Both.
And he, was on the darker side of the spectrum for me. And he held the same regard for me too.
Never ever had I imagined that I would be meeting him some day. In fact I prayed I never meet him.
But such was fate.
I mean the timing couldn't have been any worse. Especially NOW?? When I was talking to this girl, who could be THE girl?
GOD! I was thinking about how to avoid him when he pulled me into an embrace.
"Hamare students ko dekh ke dil bagh bagh hota hai." He exclaimed still holding me in the embrace.
Bagh bagh my stinking sock!
I somehow managed to push him away, decently.
"Sir how are you? It's been really long time."
"Haan haan. Ajao chai peethe baat karte hain."
I just felt like shouting on the top of my voice just to, may be, scare him out of his wits. I so did not want to talk to him and lose my precious little time.
Then I suddenly realized that this could be the chance I had been praying for. You do get a chance to level things out. And this could so be my day for some pay back!! I had a master plan. And the wickedness was back. BIG TIME...
"Sir. This is my cousin. Sameera. Sameera, he was my hindi teacher in my school Mr. A.K.S(ingh).
Sir I hope you won't mind if she joins us right?" Sameera was mighty confused with the turn of events. Her eyes were demanding a lot of answers.
Mr. AKS was a little confused too. Hell. He should be. I was not going to take it lying down this time!
"Nahi beta. Woh bhi asakti hain bilkul. Unko bhi pata lage ke tum kitne talented istudent thei."
"Ji sir. Sir, I will just be back. I need to properly place my luggage. It's just lying near my berth.
 I will be back within 15 minutes."
"Haan ji. Bilkul. Vaise bhi hum delhi tak saath me hi jaane wale hain na?"
'No way on Earth is that going to happen', I told my self.
"Yes sir. Obviously."
Now it was my turn to fill in the gaps for Sameera. Things were definitely not going the way I wanted to be.
Thanks to the mighty surprise I received. But, this chance I was not going to lose. It could still be an exciting and entertaining journey! You never know ;)
"Who was this guy? And why does he want to have tea with you? Seems more to me than just catching up!" Said Sameera folding her hands. Full interrogative mode.
" Sameera. For you to understand this entire situation. You need to listen to me for more than the 2 minutes I had initially promised."
" Is the story interesting?"
"You bet!"
"With a a little drama in it?"
Girls and the dramas. They are so made for each other! No wonder they both can't stay without each other!
"You just can't imagine."
"Then what the hell are you waiting for??!"


  1. i promise that the next posting would be exciting and will hopefully make up the lack of any excitement in this one. just didn't want to cramp everything into one and make it a lengthy read.

  2. right on! :D
    the build-up was successful.....Don't make us wait too long this time!!