Friday, October 28, 2011

PS -6

I did not want to watch any competitions from the sidelines as we lost to our arch rivals in poster making competition. Next in line were skit, extempore, debate and group dance competitions. My favourites. I had made up my mind to apologize to AKS. 
He was sitting in the staff room taking some other student to task. So typical of him. My friends had made an apt parody for him, tweaking the lyrics of a popular song that goes..'karde mushkil jeena ishq kamina.'
The rest you can guess!
I waited for the right moment.
"Sir. Please forgive me. I won't behave so badly ever again."
"Mujhe tum par yakeen nahi hai. Aaj maafi maangoge kal fir masti shuru. Aur vaise bhi ek do competitions me tumhara house haar jaye tho mera house first ajaega. Fir tumhe me maaf karunga."
OKAY!! So that was the reason? Man! chanakya would have been pleased with his shrewdness! 
He had planned all of this. Even punishing me in a lecture which was just before Mrs. Singh's. Wow!
"No sir. You are wrong. Mrs. Singh has debarred me from all competitions. But I sincerely came here to apologize to you. Both my parents are into teaching, I wouldn't want their students to behave in such a way with them. I am very sorry sir."
"Theek hai, par agli bar aisa vaisa kuch kiya tho dekh lena. Sirf mere hi class me nahi, kisi aur ke class me bhi masti nahi. Nahi tho tumhare papa ke paas me hi le jaunga tumhe. Vaise ye nibandh tumne kafi acchi likhi hai, par content zyada likho."
And so, he finally softened his stand. I thought there was no need of any revenge. He was elder to me. I was happy that things were normal. I was relieved more than anything else.
When I went home, my father confronted me. 
"I heard that you misbehaved with your hindi teacher in the classroom.? Is that true?"
If I had missed mentioning it earlier, my father was the Principal of the school where I was studying.
Now it would be easier to understand why AKS was threatening me to go to my father.

"No dad, who told you all this?"
"Mr. Singh himself told me."
That AKS! He told me that he wouldn't say anything to my father!! I am so not leaving him!
But I told my dad everything that took place in the class, albeit some changes, obviously!

But then, Diwali was round the corner. I planned to buy some special crackers for a special person.
He asked for it.

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