Friday, October 28, 2011

PS-5 The Flashback

Location-Class room

I never had any special interest for Hindi subject. And a particularly horrid teacher didn't help my case either. Add to that the timing of Hindi lecture, after the lunch break. I hope you understand my problem. I was seated in a special place by my teacher. Yes. Meet Mr. A.K.Singh aka AKS ( we had named him after a movie which was as horrible as him). He always wanted me in a place from where he could keep an eye on me. He had a reason for that. I was, if not the most, but one of the trouble makers of my class.
On a particular day AKS didn't turn up (that's what we thought). I was at my super active best cracking jokes and laughing at top of my voice. My back was towards the door. Suddenly the whole class fell silent. And I was the only one who was making a 'little' noise with my laughter. I turned back. There he was, standing with his hands on his hips and menacing eyes. My mouth remained wide opened but the laughter ceased. As if someone had pressed a mute button.
"Ye kya tamasha banake rakha hai? Sabhyata naam ki cheez nahi hai aap me?....."
And so went his lecture in his pure hindi..oops my bad 'Bhashan'.
I sincerely couldn't understand some words which he was using, which made me smirk. And before I could stop myself I started laughing. Watching me laugh, whole class joined me in the laughter. It looked like a laughing club for a few seconds!
Some one shouted from behind," Arey khatarnaak sir! Shatrughan Sinha!!"
And I was on the floor rolling, holding my stomach! It was a perfect ROFL moment.
Then came a hand. Caught hold of my shirt collar and hauled me up.
" Battameezi karte ho? Maa baap ne kuch sikhaya nahi kya?"
"Sir. Please. Don't bring my parents into this. You have no right."
"Humko mat sikhao hamara right ka hai. Sab jaante hain aapke baare mei.
Neeche let ke haste ho, itni hasi arahi thi?"
" No sir. It's not like that sir. I tripped on the bench edge and my leg got cramped so I couldn't get up."
"Bas bahot ho gaya. Ab aisa saja denge ke yaad reh jaye saalon tak. Jao, deewar ke paas jaake khade ho aur murga bano."
"Sir murga?! But why? What did I do? Is laughing a crime?"
"Don't argue with me, or else I will complain it to your phather." He said in a typical U.P lingo.
"Complain it to who sir?"
"Oh! You mean father?!"
"Hosiyari dikha rahe ho?"
"Hosiyari?? No sir why should I act smart? I already am!"
"Jao jaake murga bano."
Just 5 minutes were left for the lecture to end. So I thought why make such a fuss. There was my mistake in it too. But Murga??! 
"Sir please forgive me. It was not my intention to hurt you. "Mujhe maaf kar dijiye sir, agli bar se aapko shikayat ka mauka nahi dunga." Wow! Did I just say that?! 
"Nahi. Jaake murga bano!"
I was about to give into his demand, when finally the bell rang.
I was so relieved. I began my walk towards my seat when he grabbed my elbow.
"Kaha ja rahe ho? Murga bano. me teacher se baat kar leta hu ke tumhe pura period murga banke khada kare."
I was so shocked. I didn't know till then how much hatred he had for me. I tried to put some sense into his head to consider his decision but to no avail. To make the issues worse, the next lecture was Science, the teacher being my favourite as well as my house mistress, Mrs. Singh. I had a little hope that she might not listen to him.
"Arey madam agaye aap? Dekhiye aapke house ke star performer ki asliyat. Me kitni bar aapko kehne ki koshish ki ke yeah aapki prashansa ka layak nahi hai, par aapne tho isko sir pe chada ke rakhti hain."
I had tears in my eyes. I never expected him to talk about me this way. All this only because I laughed at him?
You should have seen him adding all spices that grew on Earth, to what had happened in the class. He gave an award winning performance. Mrs. Singh was very angry. She told him that she would continue the punishment given by him throughout the lecture and also, as a bonus, will not allow me to represent my house in all the future competitions until I mend my ways..
I was broken. I used to live for participating in the competitions. I did not know what to do but become a 'murga'.
"Akash. I never expected such behaviour from you. I am very disappointed. You have to apologize to him, else I will see to it that you don't get to represent our school in the upcoming inter-school dance competition."
Ask for forgiveness alright, but I had planned out my vengeance on him already. Diwali was approaching.

To be continued...

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