Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Girls.Have changed. Or have they?...

I don't know ANYTHING about girls.Period. It would only be foolish to say that I understand girls. This incident happened when my friend and I were travelling in a bus. We were travelling in a BEST bus, heading home from an outing. We couldn't get a seat, which happens so often than not!We then realized that the bus was full of students, who, apparent from the sponsored bags,were coming back from a certain tutorials. And, now it becomes a necessity to let out that the friend accompanying me was a looker. The bus driver had stopped at a depot for change of duties. My friend and I were talking when we heard giggles from the girls. I thought, what's new in that! Girls giggle without any reason, or to put it better, girls giggle for even small reasons..then, the giggling didn't stop.
When I turned back, I realised that the girls were giggling looking at us. The bus started and Imade my way through to the front of the bus, my friend being behind me. Then, to my surprise, I heard a girl exclaim,
"Look at the guy in blue tshirt!! Isn't he so handsome!The one who is clean shaven! (I was wearing a green tshirt and had stubble, so we know who's being oggled at).
It didn't stop just at that. They started telling it to their friends across the rows. It turned out, that girl had quite a number of friends travelling with her that day, fortunately for my friend, and not so fortunately for me..Because, within few minutes of the BROADCAST, there were many eyeballs looking in our direction. For the first time in my life, I felt so uncomfortable. I felt I was part of BigBrother/Big Boss whatever even though i wasn't the participant!!.Our every move was being followed. And, also for the first time did I realize that I 've never seen such girls
so openly oggling at boy(s).It's usually the opposite. Right??! Their confidence levels were nothing I had seen before. It was as if they were a different species of girls, if I could say that. I also had realized how a girl must feel, when boys oggle at the,! but, you have to say, that girls do love the attenttion showered upon them! Though my friend was not exactly basking in all the attention, he did like it! I was more nervous than him, but then I thought why I should be so nervous, when I was not the centre of attention!! I quickly exited the scene, as I had seen a vacant seat..Suddenly I found(to my surprise) that some of the eyeballs were following me too!!!
It's a good feeling i tell ya! 
Man, the girls are changing! Finally!! I feel strongly, that in the years to come, the % of girls making the first move will significantly rise. Where boys too have a choice. IF there are other daredevil ones like these. It will no longer be the case where boys do all the hard work. I only hope it happens, for the better of the brotherhood of single boys!!!
It can only happen, again IF, the change what I have seen is a reality and not an aberration...


  1. Keep the good work going Mr. Mrinal!! :) You really getting into analysis of girls..?! Nice :)

  2. Nahi eesha, it was just my view. No one has taken birth on this land, who can put his hand on his heart and say tht he understand girls!!