Friday, December 31, 2010

my last blog

2:08 am
hey! am not hanging up my boots yet! i just began blogging remember!
i was talking about my last blog of the year 2010...and i guess i have fallen in love with
the late nights, typical mumbaikar i guess!
well..what a year it has been, as i look back i had as many highs as lows..some  subtle moments to some emotionally charged ones, to subtle and the non descript! it has been one helluva year no doubt.
i loved it but yes i don't want my next year to be such a roller coaster ride for me..some nice surprises, some masti, some masala, loads of happiness and some comments for my blogs!
as shahrukh khan sings in "yes boss" mai zyada nahi maangta..mai zyada nahi maangta!( i so love this song)
n i will go back to my planning on the plans for my new year

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